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One passion, the ocean

Mariane Aimar-Godoc

Journalist and photographer 

Mariane Aimar-Godoc is a journalist, photographer and director. For 30 years, she has been crisscrossing the Caribbean for both terrestrial and underwater reports. His credo? Make people discover, love and make people want to preserve natural marine environments.

After her debut in the Guadeloupe press, she collaborated for several years in various media in which she created the first sections devoted to ecology. 

In 2002, she founded the magazine Terre d'Avenir, the only medium in the West Indies dedicated to the environment, and in recent years has devoted herself more particularly to the preservation of the marine environment through the writing of guides, reports and documentaries.


In 2013, she directed the 26 minutes "Memoirs of fishermen" devoted to the disappearance of fish resources in Guadeloupe.

Magazine préservation océan, blog voyage et photo,Photographe sous marin martinique
Magazine préservation océan, blog voyage et photo,Photographe sous marin martinique

Involved in the field

If informing about the fragility of nature is essential, acting on the ground is obvious for Mariane Aimar-Godoc.

She sometimes abandons her journalist cap to replant corals in the Caribbean islands or participate  in scientific projects for the preservation and restoration of marine ecosystems._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Her skills acquired over the years allow her to do so since she is now a professional diver specializing in marine biology and underwater photography.

A multiple experience

Over the years and through her collaborations with the Guadeloupe Aquarium, Mariane Aimar-Godoc has led several marine conservation missions:

-Coral and lace: development of new coral culture media with Corail Artefact

-Planugwa: mission to collect coral gametes to reseed the reefs

-coral garden: creation of coral nurseries to restore degraded reefs.

-Zoe: restocking of lagoons by rearing fish post-larvae.

Magazine préservation océan, Blog voyage et photo, Photographe sous marin martinique, guadeloupe, restauration coraux
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